Ghana say no to lockdown

Ghana say no to lockdown

Nana Akufo Addo

The president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo,   has stoped a three-week lockdown in two cities, citing improved coronavirus testing and the “severe” impact of the restrictions on the poor and vulnerable in the West African nation.

He announded that Accra and Kumasi, two of the biggest cities , can re-open Monday and citizens can return to their jobs and their normal way of life, as he said. He added that this is not an indifferent desision of the goverment but a decision they had to make in order poor people no to be apart and have more problems. Also, public gatherings and school closure were still in place.

He advised Ghanaians to wear masks when going outside and to continue adhering to social distancing measures in public places.

Ghana has confirmed 1,042 cases, and nine people have died, according to Ghana’s Disease Surveillance Department on Monday. Health authorities say they tested more than 68,000 samples, and officials are awaiting test results of 18,000 samples.

They use drones to carry on samples to the labs

Despite increasing cases, the president expressed confidence in the country’s preparedness and efforts to prevent the virus from spreading. He said numbers increased during the lockdown because health workers were able to “aggressively” trace and test contacts of infected persons. Akufo-Addo said the government has begun using drones to transport samples to laboratories to improve turnaround time and it planned to scale up rapid tests across the country.
Authorities have been able to map cases and identify potential hotspots to detect asymptomatic cases to minimize the spread, he said.
They also mentioned that people there are familiar with that kind of cirmunstances. So, believe that things are going to be controlled again.
Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have announced lockdown extensions of at least two weeks as cases continue to rise.