How to breakup with a person you love

How to breakup with a person you love

how to breakup with someone you love

The most important thing to break up with someone you love is honesty. Love is a mystery thing but very often people in a relatonship are breaking up although they dodn’t want to.  The reasons to do that are many. In this article we’ll focus on how to break up with your person even if you are in love with him or her.

What to do before the breakup

First of all, make sure that  breakup is that you really want and need. Make sure that the decision is yours and stick with it. When you are one hundred percent sure for breaking up then you are calm to handle the situation.

The second thing you must have in mind is to accept from the beggining that it’s going to be uncomfortable.

How to breakup with your person

In order the breakup to be easiest you have to follow these advices:

  1. Breakup with your person face to face. Do not think that an email or a text message is simple and easy. When you breakup in person it about giving the respect that has been built between you – the respect he or she deserves.aerial-view-woman-using-smartphone-cup-tea
  2. Explain, explain, explain…Answer to all the question he or she has and make sure you are telling the truth, no matters how difficult it is.
  3. Set boundaries from the beginning and respect them.  The most hard thing in a breakup is the transition of being best friends and romantic partners to strangers. Some ex couples after breaking up asre staying friends and communicate but other couples cannot do that. So if your ex  express the desire of no communication at all, you have to respect that!
  4. Pay more attention to your support system. After a breakup you have more free time to communicate with old friends and/or with family. So, you can start a new hobby or whatever relax you in order to find yourself again.