How to match your bag with your shoes

How to match your bag with your shoes

Many times in order to create an unforgettable and elegant look, you do not need to buy new clothes, since only a new bag – γυναικείες τσάντες – is enough to make a difference. This is one of the simplest, easiest and most affordable ways to refresh your image.

But the biggest difficulty that most women face is how to choose the right bag, which will match their look. Of course, we have to make it clear that if you belong to the category of fashionistas who believe that every it-bag they buy should be combined in color and with their shoes, then unfortunately you are wrong.

Today, designers urge us to have more courage and imagination when choosing our next purchase. After all, the range of options is now so large that you do not need to analyze your slightest movement, but it allows you to be more free and bold. Just remember some basic rules.

3 basic rules to follow

1. Combine different textures

Try something alternative and confuse the fabrics with each other based on your creative thinking. Every move requires imagination, which in turn offers sets with great interest. So dare the different and you will not lose. By constantly matching skin to skin, for example, you make your appearance dull, something you definitely do not want!

2. You need to make combinations with monochrome fabrics and prints

If you have a bag that represents a beautiful flower, which you especially love and love to hold, under no circumstances should you pair it with a pair of floral shoes. You will only succeed in overshadowing it! Instead, opt for plain, elegant shoes to achieve the coveted harmony.

3. Matte and brightness

You can choose shoes and bag in the same shade, but be careful to have different fabrics and textures. For example, combine matte shoes and a bag with a metal surface. Just imagine how stylish you will look with this combination: beige or brown shoes with a bronze or gold bag! The same goes for white with gold and so on.

What do you need to know?

Having trouble choosing the right bag style for your favorite shoes? Wrong, because it is actually something very simple. All you need to do is pay attention to the details. Avoid combinations that involve two different styles and follow the golden rule, which concerns the combination of colors. The hot are harmonious only with hot and the cold only with cold. Shapes and proportions need just as much attention.

Some basic items that should be in your closet:

  • Black shoes and black bags.
  • Brown shoes and brown bags.
  • Beige shoes and nude bags.

These will allow you to look stylish and stylish at any time of the year. Whatever occasion you have in your schedule, they will make you white-faced. Also, you could share them in such a way that you adopt one style for the office and the other for your more sporty looks.

What types of bags are there?

A soft, leather bag without additional details can be combined with almost all shoes and worn on a daily basis. Also, a clutch, envelope bag or some other small bag can match a feminine and elegant pair of shoes. If you want something that will match high-heeled sandals, then choose a discreet bag or an elegant clutch with a long strap. If you are going to wear any stiletto shoe again, take a must-have purse the size of a wallet.

The shoes you wear at work create nice combinations with bags that have clean shapes, such as rectangles. Oversized bags are also a good suggestion. Backpacks, as we know, in recent years more and more women have adopted them in their style. Apart from a special style in an outfit, they are also quite comfortable as they leave the hands free, thus facilitating the movements.

In addition to the beauty and style they give when we hold a backpack, let’s not forget that they are a healthier and more relaxing solution from an orthopedic point of view for our back. A backpack provides better support and weighs less on our spine than a shoulder bag.

Boots and boots with flat soles fit perfectly with postman bags, which are usually worn over the shoulder. Straw and kntted bags are the ideal choice for beach and short walks in the city. Together with a pair of summer sandals you make the perfect match.

Coarse boots, loafers or sneakers are best combined with sports or travel bags, which do not have a specific shape but are quite spacious. If you prefer those with unusual designs, shapes or with strange decoration and bright colors, then we recommend that you match them with a simple, monochrome pair of shoes.

You should prefer bags in earth tones and in timeless designs from luxurious materials which are an investment in time and in the women’s wardrobe. They match most of your color choices and are large enough to fit all the responsibilities of a working woman.

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