Is yout content effective? 9 ways to measure it!

Is yout content effective? 9 ways to measure it!

Is yout content effective? 9 ways to measure it!

It is a fact that the era demands more and more content on our websites. Lies. Our age needs more USEFUL content. But what most people forget is to “measure” how useful their content was and what their end result was.

If you ask us, the secret is to focus on trends and record the statistics you collect from your content over time. If you are stuck in how you can measure the effectiveness of your content, then use these 9 steps to identify its weaknesses and strengths.

Unique visitors

The number of unique visitors is an excellent indicator of the size of your audience, according to the Content Marketing Institute. Invest more time in the analysis of your pages. See why some pages get more traffic. Is it due to better content and quality or a seo friendly theme? Gather more unique visitors by doing research on social media. Locate your audience and customize your website so that it can be easily shared on social networks.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is briefly the total number of people who visited your website but did not go to other pages on your website. The bounce rate is a great indicator to understand if your content enhances engagement with visitors. To keep your bounce rate low, create unique content that will impress your visitors and cleverly structure your website so that users can edit more content.

Where are your visitors from?

Knowing where your visitors are from is extremely important, as it also helps you to compile your content accordingly. If your content does not reach the target areas you could find this audience through Social Media with campaigns set up specifically for those geographical areas.

Social Networks

Shares, mentions and comments show how well your content communicates with your target audience. The metrics we take mainly from social media help us and guide us more about what content our visitors need or what they like best. If you are creating content just to optimize your conversion through social media then you are on the wrong track. Use social media to share useful information, educate your audience, entertain your audience and become a source of inspiration. Believe us it creates unique value for your business. If users share your content on social media it means that your brand is gaining confidence. Conversions in this case will come in the long run. Trust what we tell you.

Incoming Links

The number of inbound links from reputable websites on your site shows the performance of your content in one way. When you see that the number of your links increases from related content pages it is a sign that your Brand Trust is at a good level. A link from a high authority website is definitely a big win, but it also shows you which content has not received so much value and maybe here you should consider the help of social media.

Landing pages

Visits to landing pages are a good indicator to see how your content generates traffic. To date, we meet them mainly for completing a form or for promoting a product. Test your page over and over again in case it does not perform as expected. A / B tests show us many times the weaknesses of a page as well as what form of it the users like. Commonly in a more structured way when our page is structured it gives the maximum.

Quality of Leads

Conversions are nice is also what everyone is looking for. But if you do not gather the right leads then content marketing becomes impersonal. Analyze carefully, who fills in the forms to receive your newsletter? What is the profile of the person who has access to your content? Is it the profile of the people who will become your customer? If you approach the wrong consumer profile then it will most likely have a direct impact on sales.

Search Rankings

Your position in the search engines is an effective indicator of the overall performance of your content. Ranking shows that your content is high quality, optimized for the right keywords. It can take months, however, to see a change in rankings and it is certainly not the most important indicator of content success.

For the end we left Conversions, which is the goal of all content marketers. The high number of Conversions (conversion of visitor to buyer / registered user etc.) means that our content has succeeded. What did he achieve? It managed to be liked by users, to be shared on social networks, to bring links and in the end it gave the desired number of purchases, registered users or whatever else was your ultimate goal. This is the best indicator to measure your efforts and see if your content was successful.

Just remember that Conversions do not come overnight, it takes time and effort from a team of experts to create, measure and analyze the right content for your website and your audience.

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