5 + 1 Questions & Answers to learn How the washing machine works

5 + 1 Questions & Answers to learn How the washing machine works

5 + 1 Questions & Answers to learn How the washing machine works!

The washing machine  – επισκευή service πλυντήρια is an absolutely necessary household appliance, without which we would have to spend a lot of money on the laundry or valuable time for hand washing. However, each model and brand of washing machine has some different functions. How does the washing machine work and how will you use its capabilities if you do not have the instruction manual? It is true that the instruction manual is the most convenient way to find out how your washing machine works properly.

Of course, this does not mean that the world is lost, if you do not remember where the manual is. There are some general tips for all modern washing machines, thanks to which you can “get to know” your washing machine. In any case, with the washing machine you must remember to show patience and not to make careless movements. A damage to the washing machine can be quite costly and can be caused before you even realize it. Want to know more about how the washing machine works? we have gathered for you some useful tips to get acquainted with its use! How does the washing machine work?

5 + 1 tips to get to know your washing machine!

# 1 Basic principles of washing machine operation

During the operation of the washing machine, the water pipe of the appliance is connected to the water supply of your house. From there, water passes, which is heated in the washing machine. Depending on the washing program you choose, the water temperature can reach up to 90 degrees Celsius. Water falls on clothes as they are washed. After rinsing, the water is discharged from the washing machine, through the drain pipe of the device.
how the washing machine works

This pipe is usually placed in a siphon, or even in the bathtub, to drain the water, without soiling the bathroom. This is the general way, how the washing machine works. Of course, for each washing program the process may be slightly different from the others. Installing and connecting a washing machine for new washing machines is not a difficult task. However, it is advisable to seek the help of a technician if you have no previous experience in this work.

# 2 The right weight for your washing machine

Each washing machine model has a maximum weight of dry clothes, which can be washed in every wash, without any problems. For example, there are washing machines that work with up to 5 kg of dry clothes, other washing machines with 8 kg and so on. It is very important not to exceed this weight, because in the long run the device will be damaged.

How the washing machine works and how long it stays healthy is directly affected by whether we respect the maximum permissible weight of the clothes. If you do not know how many clothes your washing machine can fit, you can do a search with its model on the internet, to find some relevant information. It is worth knowing that you can put less kilos of clothes for washing, if you do not have many clothes for washing. As long as you do not put on more pounds.

# 3 The right amount of laundry detergent

Before choosing a washing program for your clothes and start washing, you must add detergent. Usually, the laundry detergent drawer has 3 compartments. The detergent is placed in the middle compartment, from where it ends up in the bin when the washing machine is running. Whether you use powder detergent or liquid detergent, the case does not change.

If the clothes you want to wash are not very stained, or just want a freshener, you do not need to put an entire measuring tape. On the other hand, if you are dealing with serious stains, you need to show generosity with the detergent. Often, the packaging of the detergent has some indicative dosages, depending on how the washing machine works, ie what kind of program. You can trust these instructions for best results.

# 4 Choosing a washing program

Each washing machine has a washer, which has around it some programs of the washing machine. Depending on the clothes you want to wash, you choose the appropriate program, for perfect results. For example, cotton is washed at high temperatures (60-90 degrees) in programs for durable clothing. Then, synthetic clothes are washed at lower temperatures (30-40 degrees), because they are less durable.

It is worth noting that each of your clothes has a small card on it, which contains washing instructions. If you do not know for sure how the washing machine works, depending on the clothes you wash, you can check the tabs. There you will find the right washing temperature, but also other needs of your clothes, e.g. For ironing. After turning the washer to the program you want, press the “Start” button and the washing machine starts washing. Ηow does  the washing machine works?

# 5 The expected washing process

Once the washing machine starts, you do not need to do anything. You do not need to wait right on top of it, nor wait for it to end. However, you can know how the washing machine works as it washes your clothes. At first, the washing machine draws water (maybe a little noise), so it starts to make some loose turns. After drawing enough water, the washing machine starts heating the water until it reaches the desired temperature. At this stage, it should not be heard at all.

Then the washing machine starts turning again, this time faster, as it washes the clothes. Depending on how the washing machine works, in which program, the speed and power of the bucket are affected. The washing machine then drains the water from the sewer pipe and draws in new water, continuing the process. Depending on the program you choose, the washing machine can also spin, where it is possible for the washing machine to shake more.

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